Cocoa Cashmere

  • Cocoa Cashmere at The London Assembly


Cocoa Cashmere is a British knitwear brand, designed in London, the capital of fashion. Cocoa is proud of its established heritage and believes its British attitude is reflected in the brands contemporary, edgy and colourful characteristics. To accompany the design studio in London, we manage production and delivery from our office in Scotland which is situated in the heart of the traditional British cashmere industry. 

We have worked hard to establish an international appeal. We have developed a strong European presence with our products stocked in luxury department stores and high end boutiques across Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland and Spain. We consider ourselves to be an adaptable and approachable brand and recently invested time into collaborating with industry professionals to create a unique range for our Chinese and Korean customers. 

Designer Susan Bailey launched Cocoa Cashmere with the aim of communicating a style philosophy of timeless designs with a modern twist. Susan is a design expert with a talent for producing exceptional cashmere and a passion for designing knitwear that makes every woman feel special.


Cocoa Cashmere effortlessly captures the luxury of the best quality cashmere available, complemented with the beauty of contemporary design. At Cocoa Cashmere we aim to be the ultimate knitwear lifestyle brand. To accompany our luxury cashmere items we are delighted to offer accessories and light weight worsted garments, all of which we produce ourselves. 

Innovative prints and an extensive colour pallet have become Cocoa’s signature style, securing the brand a place within the realm of international fashion, quickly becoming a favourite amongst editors and well-known personalities.


Cocoa Cashmere is a vertically-integrated company meaning Cocoa is able to retain control over the entire process from design to manufacture. It is Cocoa Cashmere’s drive and commitment for perfection that guarantees garments are alluringly soft and special. 

At Cocoa Cashmere we invest time into travelling, exploring Inner Mongolia in search of the finest cashmere. The dedication to delivering the highest quality lies within the culture of the company and sourcing fibres is a specialist task; one that requires time, skill and knowledge. Therefore, to ensure garments are of the highest standard, Cocoa Cashmere believes in sourcing the finest cashmere and purchases the fibre directly from Inner Mongolian farmers. Garments are delicately made by the thinnest fibre with the longest fibre length. 

Our wholly owned factory is in Xian, which is home to the terracotta army. The factory was built in 2012 and is equipped with state of the art knitting machinery and maintained by a well-trained team of technicians. Our factory takes great pride in fostering positive social responsibility and complies with Ethical Trading Requirements. The overriding philosophy in the factory is quality in every aspect, from goat to garment. 

As a knitwear company we are passionate about fibre and devote time into researching organic cashmere. Cocoa’s responsible attitude towards production encourages sustainable sourcing, animal welfare and support for local industries.