New Adventures

It’s been almost 3 years since I opened the London Assembly Boutique here in central Frankfurt and it’s with heartfelt thanks to my clientele and my team with which we close.

It’s been an incredible and successful venture and it is now time to move the boutique concept in a new direction. Over the past years, I have had the pleasure to meet, collaborate with and entertain so many fabulous Frankfurters. My goodness, haven’t we had fun! We’ve created meandering garden paths, re-imagined Alice in Wonderland, played host to ladies networking groups, walked several miles of catwalk, been filmed for The Hessenschau and drunk copious amounts of Weingut Petershof Secco!

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The London Assembly concept was all about bringing somthing different to Frankfurt as well as bringing people together and this has certainly been achieved. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work so closely with the tLA designers and to see their work so appreciated and enjoyed by my clientele.

A true entrepreneur never sits still and I am extremely proud of all that has been achieved and all that has occured within The London Assembly boutique. It is, however now time to move on to new adventures and begin a new direction both for the boutique and for myself. And so…in September, in time for London Fashion Week, I will be launching a fresh website for your online viewing pleasure. The site will explore the concept of style and will feature first-hand interviews with designers and style influencers, photoshoots, articles as well as private view invitations accompanied by a carefully edited collection of items for online purchase.

Both new project and additonal tLA adventures will continue to be shared via both The London Assembly website as well as via the tLA Newsletter, our facebook, twitter and instagram accounts. In addition enjoy a visual depiction of my personal fashion adventures via see you online soon!

2016-06-10 06.51.01LG und Bis Bald,

Amy Silberzahn

MD The London Assembly


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