Shaken not Stirred.

  1. Who: Bond, James Bond as played by, sadly for the last time, Mr Daniel Craig. Yes that’s right, in my humble opinion, the best Bond to date. Cool, cheeky, intelligent, not too good looking, if you know what I mean, but absolutely an alpha, hot blooded man. Don’t mess with this Bond not even for a second…awesome! Monica Belluci, whose role I found a little disappointing. I really wanted her to have a meatier role, but my she does look good in her lingerie! I foresee the sales of black basques to soar this Christmas! Léa Seydoux… excellent… absolutely beautiful, great on screen chemistry with Mr Bond and my goodness what a fabulous wardrobe (Well this is a fashion blog!)

What: Spectre has received some very mixed reviews but when a movie is so hotly anticipated that is simply inevitable. My guests and I, a rather international bunch of ladies; Italian, Canadian, Bulgarian, German and British, enjoyed a glass of prosecco or two at the boutique, before strolling through Frankfurt and on to the Metropolis Cinema. With tLA baggies of sweets clutched in our sweaty palms, we excitedly awaited Sam Smiths’ somewhat insipid theme tune “The Writings on the Wall”.to signal the start of Spectre. Incredible shots of Mexico City, some serious building demolition across the globe, daring helicopter stunts, the essential ridiculously cool car and for me, just the right amount of tongue in cheek British humour, ensured my guests and I gave the movie an unanimous double thumbs up.

A hommage to London and a hommage to Bond. Nicely done Sam Mendes, nicely done!

  • Léa looks like the cat who got the cream! “Every girl wants to be ina movie with Daniel Craig”

Why: If you’ve been following the Boutique on facebook or Twitter (aka #tLAFrankfurt) you’ll have seen that we’ve been running a James Bond themed competition or two over the past few weeks. 007 and all aspects of Ian Flemings’ popular spy movies are something of a British institution, and with my personal enthusiasm for the genre, I really couldn’t wait to see the newest Bond movie or too share the experience with some of my lovely clients. We have had many winners over the weeks but the luckiest by far were actualy two Angelas (plus friends) who won not only fabulous goody bags stuffed full of treats, but tickets to see Spectre last night (Thursday 5th November). Congratualations to them and all our winners, we look forward to welcoming you again in store soon.

When and where: Spectre has just been released in Germany and is showing now nationwide.


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