Something for the Weekend

Who: Amy and the mini Silberzahn herd (plus my favourite Weekend outfit)

Why: One of my favourite things about living in Frankfurt and Hessen is actually the fact that the shops are closed on a Sunday* and therefore I feel no obligation to work and so instead enjoy time with The H and Junior Silberzahn. We live just a stones throw from the main city centre and are blessed with multitudes of beautiful parks to enjoy on an autumnal afternoon. *In the UK almost all towns and cities have mainstream Sunday shopping.

What: Kate Moss, London Bus Red Coat by Marvin Browne, FairIsle Jumper by Lowie, Ankle Grazer Jeans by Saltspin, Dr Marten Boots (Just seen). All available items at The London Assembly Boutique

Where: Photoshoot took place in Nordend, Frankfurt am Main, Germany



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